I love spring as much as the next guy—birds singing, kids playing, me rebuilding my lawn, AGAIN. I appear to have struck a deal with all the lawn-eating insects in my neighborhood: Come here, eat my lawn, it’s fresh and young every year. Well, I’ve found a solution—SYNLawn. Yup, it’s a synthetic lawn, installed much like a carpet, but created to look like grass, hold up to raking, freeze-thaw cycles, even a nip from a neighbor’s lawn mower. Their six “grass” types were developed to look like regional grasses, are UV stabilized so they won’t fade, and have a tensile strength of 90 lbs. per strand. No wonder they can provide a 10-year warranty! So, with the demand on water being what it is and all of us being concerned about overuse of pesticides and fertilizers, maybe this is the answer. At $10 to $12 per square foot, this may be the low-impact lawn you’ve been looking for.