Admit it, you have them…a lot of us do. In fact, “wall warts” affect millions every year and, given our voracious appetite for gadgets, aren’t going anywhere soon. In case you’re wondering, wall warts are those annoying power adapters that accompany almost every cell phone, pda, and digital camera, on the market. And not only are these little boxes ugly, they’re also outlet hogs, often covering two and three plugs apiece. What to do? Well, you could take the Clark Griswold approach, or you could use 360 Electrical’s Plug And Turn rotating outlet and be done. Each of the two plugs rotate a full 360 degrees allowing you to angle your warts for minimum coverage. True they will, at best, only provide room for two power adapters, but it’s still a nice, if small, victory in office organization. The outlets are standard size—no retrofitting necessary—include a snap-on cover, and will be available shortly in the 15 Amp residential variety. Commercial grade and GFCI models are promised down the road. No word on pricing yet.

Credit: gizmag

360 Electrical