Under ideal circumstances, many elderly citizens would opt to remain in their own homes as they aged. But keeping up a house and making it progressively more accessible can be a daunting undertaking, particularly for those who aren’t that handy and don’t have the money to hire a professional contractor.

Partners in Care, a community service program based in Baltimore, Maryland, has been bringing together volunteers from the community to enable older adults to “remain independent in the situation of their choice.” PIC’s “Repairs With Care Handyman Program” gives local handymen and women the opportunity to put their handy skills to work on the homes of older adults–everything from small repairs like leak fixing and screen patching to bigger projects for accessibility are tackled by these handy volunteers who, according to Repairs With Care Coordinator Robbie Duncan, have logged more than 1300 volunteer hours.

It’s an amazing service that these volunteers provide to the independent-minded older adults in their community. Hopefully this kind of program spreads throughout communities across the country.

Partners In Care