What does the H1N1 virus fear the most? If you guessed “a vaccine,” “the World Health Organization” or “Purell,” you are wrong. No, the unfortunately-named Swine Flu’s greatest enemy is a hand-held vacuum-cleaner.

The new Raycop is no ordinary Dust-buster (it retails for about $199). This stingray-shaped sucker of soot has a built-in UV-C sterilizing lamp that allegedly kills 99.9% of the H1N1 virus, as well as other germs, dust mites and bacteria. It also has a vibrating pad that helps agitate the dust mites to release them from bed mattresses and other furnishings and a 2-stage micro allergy filtration system that eliminates the pesky purveyors of asthmatic allergens and their feces.

So while the surviving .01% of H1N1 may go on to mutate into a new “bison flu,” “chicken flu,” or “what-have-you flu,” at least your home will be pretty safe against The Swine.