The USGBC recently announced its four finalists for the Natural Talent Design Competition, a competition pitting students and emerging professionals against one another to determine the best sustainable design to be applied to the New Orleans rebuilding efforts.

The finalist designs were chosen for their “small, affordable, ADA-compliant, LEED Platinum homes” qualities, which are not only green but should also save a homeowner money over the life-cycle of each home.

Take a peek at the designs. It’s cool to think that these concepts will be applied to a reconstructed New Orleans. I think affordability will be critical, and it looks like the designs kept that in mind.

Design Finalists:

1) “The Little Easy”

2) “RAMPed Up”

3) “E.A.S.Y. House

4) “Greenboy Productions”

Which would you choose for the winner?

Credit: USGBC