Baby boomers are renovating or reinventing their empty nests—and not with afghans and rocking chairs! According to published reports, about half of the 80 million boomers are deciding to reinvest in current property by upgrading and remodeling to suit their tastes and grown-up budgets. For many, they are purchasing new furniture as they convert bedrooms to hobby rooms and basements to home theaters. Around 68 percent of boomers are eyeing a significant furniture purchase and most are investing in quality furniture that would have been impractical with growing children. Another huge trend among boomers is the purchase of a vacation home. Experts agree that parents are likely to see more of their grown kids and their families if they purchase a vacation home where they can visit frequently. For some, it means downsizing by purchasing a smaller home and adding the vacation place as a second residence. Either way, these homes and rooms will need furnishing to match boomers’ newfound lifestyles. Furniture makers, it seems, have noticed the trend and are stepping up to the challenge.

Credit: Room Alternatives: Empty nesters fill their homes and reinvent space