Most people care enough about energy efficiency that they’ll make some changes to their own home to lower the bills a few bucks. But wielding the caulk gun at a stranger’s house? Isn’t that extremist? The volunteers at HEET don’t think so. The Massachusetts-based organization combines weatherizing techniques and good ole-fashioned barn raising sensibilities to kill a few birds with one big good-will stone. Improve a home’s energy efficiency? Check. Teach participants skills on said topic? Check. Build community? Check.

Their most recent “barn raising” (yes, they really call them that) attracted the attention of fellow blogger Martin LaMonica, who joined 40 others to help weatherize a leaky New England house before Old Man Winter starts his blowing. You can read all about his experience on his CNET GreenTech blog page.

Great concept, great cause. I wonder how many of these groups are cropping up across the country. Have you helped raise a barn lately? What are you doing to winterize your house this season?

Credit: CNET News