Though it may be the end of the season for some, it’s never a bad time to hone those shop skills. In this edition of Tuesdays with Tommy, we’re taking a look at a suitably accessible — but still challenging in its own right — DIY project: A wooden flower box.

The Problem

For any woodworking project, there exists the question, “what kind of wood should I use?” We ask this of Tommy, as well as a couple of follow up questions: “Should I add a finish to the wood,” and “What other tips can you give me?”

The Answer

Tommy: Personally, I would use western red cedar. But that’s personal preference. There are other woods out there that are impervious to rot and insects that you can look into. It can depend a bit on where you are in the country. Do a little research to find out what’s best in your area.

Also, I wouldn’t add a finish. You can paint it with a stain to give it some color, but not a finish.

As for tips, you want to make sure the joinery is good in the corners so when you stuff it with soil and plants it doesn’t fall apart. If you’re going to be using screws, be sure to pre-drill. And make sure you make the box big enough to hold all the soil and the plants that you plan on putting in there.

Check out this How To Video on Building a Wooden Flower Box for the step by steps of this project.

How To Build a Flower Box