Here’s a cool new App. Inspired by a finding that half of British homeowners admit that they forget to ask the right questions when a contractor comes to do work, TradeMark makes it easier for those questions to be asked.

Yes, this is an App for Brits. But’s that not to say we Yanks couldn’t find a use here. Most homeowners have been in this position; according to TrustMark, younger homeowners in particular lack the confidence to be up front and a little more demanding when it comes time to have a stranger do work on the house.

So what does TrustMark do? It keeps a record of the conversation with the contractor. It prompts questions and gives advice at every step of the repair process.

Can it translate to life in the States? You be the judge. It’s free for download.

Check out the TrustMark YouTube video to learn about the App.