Do you know the leading causes of fatal accidents around the home?

As part of a marketing campaign, DealExtreme — an online retailer — issued a recent press release drawing attention to fatal home accidents and how to prevent them. The campaign coincides with the addition of certain home safety products to their wares.

The top three causes of fatal home accidents are:

  • Carbon Monoxide. No big surprise there. There are a number of appliances around the home that produce carbon monoxide: water heaters, grills, stoves, etc. The odorless, tasteless and colorless gas sends 15,000 to the emergency room each year. The solution? Get a carbon monoxide alarm.
  • Fire. More specifically, smoke and toxic gas inhalation caused by fire. 4 out of 10 fire-related home deaths occur in homes without smoke alarms. Be sure your home has them.
  • Gravity. That is to say, accidental slip and fall incidents. Here’s an interesting fact: Accidental falls are the #1 cause of injury-related death for folks 60 years or older in the US. The solution that DealExtreme has come up with? Motion activated night-lights, which will prevent fumbling around in a dark room.
  • Keep those homes safe, people.

    Credit: DealExtreme