There is more to worry about than losing an eye or finger when operating an outdoor power tool. One must be keenly aware of surroundings and know how to properly use tools. With electrical tools, make sure the extension cord is not frayed or damaged as you could electrocute yourself or an electrical arc can start a fire. The cords must be checked before every usage because during use you could inadvertently damage the cord with the tool itself. If you have a gas- or propane-powered tool remember that they get extremely hot and could pose not only a burn hazard but under the right conditions could also start a fire. Those sparks you see when running your edger along the curb or sidewalk could also start a fire.

In many parts of the country now under drought and red flag warnings it would pay to be extra-diligent against fire. While a controlled burn could remove the fuel for a future fire, an uncontrolled burn could destroy homes and risk lives. Stay safe and post more tips here.

Credit: “California Blaze Caused by Power Tools”

“Fire Safe Landscaping”