Global warming has been getting a lot of attention recently. As a result, my head is cluttered with thoughts of melting glaciers, raging forest fires, and tongue-swelling droughts. I’ve got Mother Earth on the brain. So when I came across something like this toilet lid sink, I didn’t do my usual snicker and “yeah, right, not in my house.” Let’s face it—we could ALL do a little more to conserve, and water-saving designs like this might be the route we need to take. How does it work? When you flush, the water that would otherwise simply descend into the toilet bowl is first routed up through the spigot and into the porcelain-like white plastic sink for your hand-washing convenience. The water shuts off automatically and dirty water goes on to perform its toilet-flushing duties. Save space, save water, save the Earth. Installs without tools and fits a standard 8-inch by 18- to 22-inch toilets. Costs $89.

Credit: Cool Tools

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