As you might imagine, we here at receive a good amount of press releases and product news. My email In Box is full of unread messages. It can be difficult for a message to stand out, but sometimes certain words strung together do in a big way—which was the case with “Toilet Tattoos.” How could you not open an email with that subject line? It turns out Toilet Tattoos are removable, decorative applications for toilet seat lids. The designs attach using static electricity, not adhesives, so they are reusable if stored properly. Designed and marketed by Lena Fioré of Cleveland, Ohio, Toilet Tattoos are a great way to add some design to your otherwise unremarkable white commode. And with dozens of designs to choose from, including ones for holidays, and a price tag of less than $10 each, you could change out your designs as frequently as your rolls of toilet paper.

Toilet Tattoos