The announcement out of Schlage that their BE365 electronic keypad deadbolt just earned the notable “Best Buy” rating from Consumers Digest comes at a good time, as I am fresh off a visit to the Schlage booth at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas.

Retailing at $119, the BE365 is a solid investment in home security and convenience. I have an older Schlage electronic keypad deadbolt on my front door and I must say I love having it. It means one less key on the keychain. It also means one more number sequence I have to remember (in this case, only four numbers), which hasn’t been an issue, yet. Unless I am afflicted by early onset Alzheimer’s, I’ll enjoy keyless entry and locking of my front door for years to come. I can’t speak for the BE365, but I can say that this technology is a worthwhile addition to any home.

What I WON’T yet endorse is Schlage’s new “SecureKey” cylinder and re-keying technology. During a visit to the Schlage booth at IBS 2010, my co-workers and I were treated to a demonstration of the SecureKey features and function. I consider myself a pretty smart guy, and I know my co-workers are as sharp as any, but we couldn’t, even after multiple explanations, understand exactly how the SecureKey was meant to work. (Side note: after reading the explanation of the SecureKey on the Schlage website, I am pretty sure I now get it. Perhaps my brain was too high on sugar from all the free cookies at the Sears booth that day.)

Take a look at the BE365 and the SecureKey and let us know if you think either product are something you would invest in for your home.