We call my mom Annie Oakley, because she’s always the first to reach for the family pellet gun to drive away squirrels from the bird feeder, deer from the flowers, and once a black bear that had clearly lost its way. Mom—there’s a better way. In yet another triumph of motion detection technology (I’m beginning to feel like a spokesperson), the Scarecrow, a water-spraying animal repeller, offers a more humane approach to keeping pesky critters and creatures off your property. Activated when motion is detected, the Scarecrow sprays a 3 or 4 second burst spray of water up to 35 feet. The unit can be set to cover from 10º to 360º, and is best moved about the property intermittently to keep the invaders guessing. To use, simply drive the stake into the ground, attach a hose, and insert a 9V battery. Costs about $80. Hopefully the Scarecrow will relieve Mom from sentry duty, so she can get some sleep.

Credit: Gizmos for Geeks

Contech Electronics, Inc.