In an era where car key chain remotes can open your windows or trunk, coffee makers can talk to the alarm clock, and home lights can be turned on from the work computer, isn’t it time for the garage door opener to move beyond the prehistoric “Up” and “Down” buttons? This must have been Skylink Group’s thinking when they came up with their Garage One product line. Included in this product line and now available in the US is the GT 100R, a multi-function garage door system and remote that lives where it should—in the 21st century. Included in the GT 100R? A CO monitoring feature that automatically opens the garage door when carbon monoxide levels become unhealthy; An auto-close feature that can be set from 2 minutes to 20 minutes, ensuring the morning amnesiac (I am a proud member of that club) that the garage door will never be left open again; An audio warning when the garage door is about to close, preventing unnecessary death by crushing (don’t laugh—it can happen.) Three more products in the Garage One line are due for release in the states this spring (according to the company); The GT 100R retails for $45. Package includes the wall mount control and key chain transmitter. CO detector and audio door sensor sold separately.

Credit: TechLiving

Skylink Group