The Wovel was probably not what our Mesopotamian forefathers had in mind when they invented the wheel, but I’m sure they would appreciate this latest twist on a timeless design. A clever fusion of the wheel and the shovel, the Wovel was created to ease back strain for snow-shovelers everywhere—including yours truly. In a simple 1-2-3 push-lift-throw action, the Wovel can clear a driveway in about a 1/3 of the time it would take with an ordinary shovel. (Check out the animation on their website for a demonstration—it’s worth it.) The handles are adjustable, and additional accessories include foam grips, gravel wheels, and a chipper plate. Expect to pay about $120 for the basic unit. But hey, no more back pain. With the Wovel, the only thing you’re gonna throw out is that old snow shovel!

The Wovel