Okay, now I’ve seen it all. Technology has spread to every room of the American home save one, until now. Introducing the high-tech toilet seat, the Brondell Swash. With it, your vile bathroom is converted into a full-service spa. It features a contoured, heated seat for those who don’t like the early morning shock of being the seat’s first sitter of the day. I can’t even imagine how much time I will spend there now reading the paper! My wife is going to curse the day I ever heard of it. The Swash includes a water heater for the posterior and feminine warm water wash. A built-in digital controller allows you to program your preferred settings via wireless remote control. The seat is detachable for easy transport. I could have used this product at a couple of gas station bathrooms in my past. Different models feature a one to three year warranty and all models fit an estimated 98% of residential toilets. Pricing varies but the Swash retails for anywhere between $349 to $499 and is available from a variety of online stores.

Brondell Swash