My phobia of cleaning solutions has been a reoccurring topic on this blog. Just last week we were talking about the new standards for EcoLogo-worthy hard surface cleaners and how they’re forcing manufacturers who want to earn the label to drop certain chemicals and asthmagens. Which, by the way, I’m all in favor of.

Today I see this new SC Johnson All-In-One Cleaning System that we’ll all be seeing on shelves soon enough. It’s a cool concept: make a sort of six-shooter gun with each chamber holding a different cleaning solution. This eliminates the need to have 6 different spray bottles just to clean one room. (The spray gun actually only holds three different cleaners at one time. But you can still say to the germs and dirt, “Go ahead. Make my day.”)

Were it not for my disdain for chemicals I’d be all over this new device. But I’m a bonafide green cleaner, so until a 7th Generation or some such green cleaning manufacturer comes out with a similar solution, I’m resigned to a bathroom cabinet cluttered with cleaning bottles.

Still, this is a cool concept and I have to give credit where credit is due. Kudos, SC Johnson.

SC Johnson All-In-One Cleaner