The Energizer Hard Case Professional Series flashlights are the newest must-have in your tool box. These lightweight but hard-working flashlights boast bold, bright LED lights and many also have night vision and pipe inspection features, as well.

In the most recent DIY project in our house, Hubby Dearest strapped on the 4 LED Headlight to install a cat door for the downstairs bathroom. We’ve been having a problem keeping our dog out of the cats’ litter box where she liked to eat “recycled food,” if you know what I mean. Anyway, the headlight with pivoting head and 15-hour run time freed up Hubby’s hands and gave him plenty of time to cut a hole in the bathroom door and install the new pet door.

These heavy-duty flashlights all carry a lifetime guarantee to boot. And if you’re still looking for a Father’s Day gift for your dad (or a gift for your kids to give their dad) this Sunday, the Energizer Hard Case Professional Series of flashlights is available at Lowe’s and Ace Hardware. Just don’t give him a chore along with the gift. Wait ’til next Sunday.