One thing I’ve learned over the years is remodeling a home can put a major strain on your marriage – the bigger the project, the bigger the strain. That’s why it was no surprise to read that the owner of Clingstone Mansion in Jamestown, RI burned through two marriages in the course of remodeling the unique home since purchasing it in 1961.

The home, in its finished form, is spectacular. It sits on a narrow rock in Narragansett Bay, accessible only by boat and offering panoramic views of the water from its 65 windows (see the slideshow).

However, when Henry Wood, a Boston area architect purchased the home, it was a “roofless, windowless, floorless, powerless, waterless house.” Through the hard work and effort of his family, friends, and volunteers, it is now a beautiful 23-room, three story eco-mansion that collects rainwater in a 3,000 gallon cistern, heats it with solar panels, and generates electricity with a wind turbine.

Although the finished product is magnificent, the upkeep is still a tremendous task. Maybe he should have read our article on Surviving Your Remodel. What do you think, is the home worth the personal cost? What’s the biggest fight you’ve had with your spouse over remodeling?

Credit: New York Times article