If you are anything like me, your home workshop is a disaster. There’s a hammer here, a screwdriver over there. I don’t know where my saw is, but I think there are a couple of nails in the coffee can by the sink. Is it any surprise that every household task I do takes twice as long as it should?

Now I’ve found something to make my life a whole lot easier and more organized. StuckOnTools is a wallboard that hangs all your tools with magnets, so with a quick scan you can see which tools are missing and which ones are close at hand. Personally, I like the powder coat finish—it’s much more aesthetically pleasing than my coffee can. StuckOnTools has a variety of organizing systems available for your workshop, kitchen, office, barbecue and garden in a wide array of sizes. Prices vary for each particular system and can be ordered from their web site.

Credit: Photo courtesy of StuckOnTools and used with permission.