According to this article in, ground has been broken on a 32-home neighborhood development in Jerseyville, MO, which is being touted as the nation’s first net-zero energy efficiency low-income affordable housing community. It’s a mouthful, but that’s because it’s a pretty big deal.

According to the developer, the homes will be 1,425 square feet and will rent for as little as $590 per month for families with incomes under $41,000 a year. That’s a significantly low rent for a house that will use solar panels and wind turbines to gain a credit–rather than a bill–from the electrical company. Even the neighborhood street lights will be powered from renewable energy sources within the community.

Check out the full article for all the details. This is the kind of development this country needs, rather than sprawling McMansions and strip malls.

What do you think about the net zero affordable housing development?