A recent survey done by the American Society of Home Inspectors reports that, in the minds of home owners, home inspections are as important today as they ever were. The findings of the report include the following:

  • Nearly 90 percent of U.S. homeowners surveyed believe home inspections to be a necessity, not a luxury.
  • 72 percent of homeowners believe their home inspection helped them avoid potential problems.
  • 64 percent of homeowners acknowledged that, in the long run, their home inspection saved them money.
  • Although it is clear that homeowner recognition of the benefits of a home inspection are high, their understanding of what is included in a home inspection is lacking, according to the findings. Many assume that home components like septic, electrical and plumbing are included in a standard home inspection, when commonly they are not.

    For a complete list of what is included in a home inspection, go to the ASHI website.

    Another interesting aspect of the finding? The majority of homeowners surveyed believed a home inspector has to be certified, when in fact this is not the case. A wise homeowner will do some homework before hiring someone for this important task.

    Anyone have a home inspection nightmare to share?

    Credit: American Society of Home Inspectors