So THIS is why the English have such beautiful hedges. A UK invention, the Garden Groom is a hedge clipper like no other, and it’s now available in the States. As it cuts, it also collects the clippings, leaving you with no pick-up work. With safety features like totally concealed blades and a must-use-two-hands-to-activate handle design and a 10:1 clipping-reduction ratio, it’s no wonder this product won the prestigious GIMA (Garden Industry Manufacturers’ Association) Award for “Best Gardening Product 2004” and “Exporter of the Year 2005.” The Garden Groom is available in two sizes—the smaller Midi (9” cutting head) and the larger Max (12” cutting head). The Garden Groom collects the trimmings in a unique collection unit that holds up to 8 square yards of clippings. A Volume Collector Bag accessory can attach to the Max and will hold up to 70 square yards of clippings. That must be for all those homeowners with hedge mazes in their yards…The Midi currently retails at $149 and the Max at $199.

Garden Groom