I’ve been an advocate of reduced pesticide use forever. The problem has been, however, that everyone around me continued to dose and look lovely. My lawn always looked ratty by comparison. But, change is afoot and the landscape is showing it. I’m pleased to report that everywhere I look this season the grass is green and less than perfect. I’ve visited communities in three northeastern states and found the same thing—a little crabgrass and clover adds texture to fields and lawns. I even saw a truly natural turf when I attended a suburban soccer tournament. Hey, this is good news. Remember when we all had to change our view of good and healthy foods? This is the same thing. Once we’re used to it, we’ll never go back. Ruth Foster has urged us to adopt “freedom lawns” for quite some time—scratch, seed, water, and walk away. Well, it looks like the trend is catching. So let’s all just enjoy our lawns instead of slaving!