Ecologico-Logic recently unveiled their prototype state-of-the-art waste reduction system which they’ve named “the Muncher.” It is the fastest, greenest and most cost-effective waste management system in use today. It puts your backyard compost bin to shame.

How long does it typically take for an average compost pile to turn organic solid waste into nutrient-rich plant food? Over a month, easy. Sometimes up to a year.

The Muncher can do it in less than one hour.

It can take one ton of garbage and reduce it to 600 pounds of solid cake mulch and liquid effluent. Currently the Muncher is designed and used for large-scale waste reduction, but it would be cool to see a smaller-scale version that could be sold for residential use. Stop the waste at the source. It might also encourage greater use of home gardens, which would cut down the demand for long-distance shipping of foods to the local grocer. Could be a game changer.