When the veil lifts on VISION House Los Angeles 2012 on June 10, a light will be shining on the respectable number of Leviton products featured in that project.

VISION House L.A. is a demonstration home which shows builders, remodelers, designers and consumers how essential green building design and products can influence their own projects. This home will feature Leviton’s lighting and energy management, home automation, solar solutions and electrical vehicle supply equipment.

Specifically, VISION House L.A. will include the following from Leviton:

  • A solar home solution utilizing Leviton Solar’s solar panel leasing program, which was recently launched in southern California and New York.
  • Universal Dimmers which can use dimmable incandescent, CFL and LED bulbs.
  • The Leviton Vizia RF +, a smart lighting control system leveraging Z-Wave radio frequency technology, allowing for wireless control and monitoring of all lighting, household appliances and electronics.
  • Occupancy Sensors which activate the lighting in rooms only when a presence is detected.
  • To learn more about VISION Home L.A. and Leviton’s part to play, check out their VISION Home website.

    Credit: Levition VISION House page