I fall for publicity and advertising photos every time. I particularly love the glamorous kitchen and bath shots because they make me believe that if I had gorgeous fixtures like these, I, too, could have a calm, tidy life. But every now and then the cynic in me jumps out. Take this incredible cast-iron Kohler sink, for example. I love the lines of it. Yes, it’s a work of art for my lavatory counter and quite reasonable at around $345.00. But, I ask myself, what about the water? The specifications say that the faucet must have at least a 5-inch projection to reach the sink. Okay, but that makes for a tall and distant faucet since one aesthetic feature of the sink bowl is that it has no faucet holes. Now I don’t know about you, but I can flood the vanity just washing my face—and that’s into a deep bowl. All I can think is that visitors will spend more time mopping up their splashes in my elegant lavatory than they will marveling at my amazing taste. I don’t know, maybe this is just another case of beauty over brains. Or maybe—just maybe—other people are neater than I am.