My wife often says I am full of hot air. In the not-so-distant future, my car may be, too. Tata Motors of India (yes, they just bought some Ford castoffs) acquired the rights from MDI Enterprises to sell and distribute the first air-powered car in India. Apparently these cars can go about 150 miles on a single tank of air. Since I work from home, this is about a week’s worth of driving for me. These cars run on nothing but air and have zero emissions, so you could leave it running even in the garage. There are some drawbacks like having nowhere to fill up the tank (it takes a little more pressure than the pool toys), they are not sold in the U.S. yet and they need a bit more energy input at speeds over 35mph. That is not going to stop me. I am ready for the air car. Float one over here and I will be happy to test it out for you. As an aside, air pressure-powered vehicles have been in development for well over 100 years and have never proved to be economically feasible.

Credit: New York Times Magazine

The AirCar