This Huffington Post article/gallery breaks down the 13 most affordable housing markets in the country, according to a Coldwell Banker annual Home Listings Report. The report draws conclusions based on surveys of 4 bedroom, 2 bath homes.

The difference between America’s most expensive and most affordable housing markets? $1.7 million.

America’s most affordable housing market is found in Detroit, Mich., which has an average home listing price of $68,000.

While I do appreciate Coldwell Banker’s report and the Huffington Post putting together a nice little gallery to browse through, I just don’t find myself ripping out the stakes and packing the wagon to head off to Sioux City, Iowa or Canton, Ohio, even if the latter is home to the Professional Football Hall of Fame.

Still, for families with flexible jobs (like telecommuters) in need of a home, this report may prove to be a godsend.

Of the 13 markets listed, to where would you be most likely to relocate?

Credit: Huffington Post