Concrete in the home? No, it’s nothing new — concrete has found its way into our homes by way of countertops, floors and other surfaces. But that’s just the beginning. Vertical Decorative Concrete is the latest application of the medium, bumping elbows with the likes of natural stones like marble and granite.

In the Vertical Decorative Concrete Magazine readers can have their eyes opened to the beauty that can be concrete in the home. Applied by trained installers, the lightweight mixes get applied to vertical surfaces to create a myriad of styles and effects. Upon drying the concrete undergoes a coloring process which renders it anything but cold, heartless and uninviting. The results can be spectacular, to say the least.

The sky is the limit. Or the ceiling is, indoors at least. But in both indoor and outdoor application the material lends itself to a bold, natural and customized look, easily complemented by any number of metals, natural woods or finishes.

Intrigued? Check out the Vertical Artisans website to see more examples of this growing trend. While you’re there take a peek at the latest issue of the Vertical Decorative Concrete Magazine, where finished project are featured for the eyes to feast upon.

Vertical Decorative Concrete Showroom