The Nail Kicker is leading the charge for the deconstruction movement. Unlike demolition, deconstruction is the act of “unbuilding” a structure so the building materials can be salvaged and reused. This process not only provides reusable lumber for contractors but saves on landfill costs. As you might imagine, removing the nails is one of the most laborious parts of the process. The Nail Kicker can remove nails without destroying the wood and is up to four times as fast as removing them by hand. Weighing only 2.3 pounds, the Nail Kicker works like a nail gun. Wrap the tip of the Nail Kicker around the sharp point of the embedded nail and it “kicks” the nail out the other side (it does not pull nails). Like a nail gun, it requires a connection to an air compressor. It can be purchased for $249 plus shipping from the website. They even offer a “try-and-buy” program.

Nail Kicker