I was not what you would call “cool” in my younger days. In fact, my violin and I were known as an excellent target for snowballs, not to mention wedgies. I suspect that’s why I hear the words “prom” and “duct tape” used in the same sentence, I tend to imagine the worst. Apparently times have changed and Henkel Adhesives may be the reason. Starting March 6th, nerds from a across U.S. will once again enter the Stuck on Prom Scholarship Contest, an annual competition that challenges the teens to create and wear their own prom attire made entirely from, yep, Henkel brand duct tape. First prize is $6,000 to the wining couple and another $3,000 to their school (presumably for not tossing them from the dance). Other awards include Most Likely to Stop Traffic, Most Likely to be Seen From Space, Most Likely to Have Had Help from Mom, and it gets weirder from there. Obviously, this is shameless marketing, but you have to hand it to Henkel—going after the teen market with an adhesive takes guts. Past winners can be seen at here, good for a laugh.

Stuck on Prom