It’s an amazing statistic—400,000 break-ins during November and December. Many of those are the result of shared or distributed keys. Whether it’s the neighbor, the dog sitter, the plumber, or your contractor, there are keys floating out there and anybody can get them. Changing the locks may be an option, but what a pain. Much better to enhance your lock system with a deadbolt. The NightWatch deadbolt from Master Lock is pretty cool. It functions like a regular deadbolt until you switch it into NightWatch mode, at which point no keys can unlock it from the outside. Use it at night to remain secure once all intended key users are home. Use it when you leave for vacation by setting it and backing out the garage door. Developed by Master Lock to respond to keyed break-ins and key bumping, a new form of intrusion, NightWatch is a great way to enhance your system before the rash of holiday robberies begin. It costs about $30 and only takes 15 minutes and a Phillips head screwdriver to install.

Master Lock NightWatch