Ok, let’s all just agree on one point—there are few things more annoying than a dripping faucet. Got a drippy faucet? You can kiss concentration and sleep goodbye. But there’s one product that claims to rid us of dripping faucets forever. It’s called the DripStop Valve, and it’s meant to replace the old washers found in the seat of the faucet, where chips, and worn out or folded washers can lead to dripping. The DripStop Valve, from ConservCo Water Conservation Products, uses internal pressure from the water to create a tight seal, which means arthritic and senior hands need not struggle to crank the faucet handle to turn off the water. This cool design also means that a mere four sizes guarantee a fit for just about every standard compression faucet on the market today. Take a look at the company’s website to see how the product works. DIYers can also find a helpful video demonstrating how easy the DripStop Valve is to install. Seriously—it’s pretty easy. Save water, save your hands, save your mind! Available at select hardware dealers for around $3.99.