I have been putting baking soda in my fridge for as long as I have owned a fridge, knowing that it helped eliminate odors. I diligently replace the box every few months to keep the fridge fresh. Last month I heard about some new paint from Dutch Boy that has baking soda in it. Apparently what it does for a fridge it can do for an entire house. While I don’t understand why it does not lose its odor-absorbing ability like the fridge-based system, I am happy to try something that gets rid of odors. I also don’t understand how the technology locks in the odors preventing the walls from smelling like wet dog, but I will chalk that up to the magic of science. I am thinking of painting the inside of my fridge and never having to buy another box of baking soda (well maybe for actual baking or making volcanoes). Plus, this paint gives off zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), has GREENGUARD certification and is mildew-resistant.

Dutch Boy Refresh Paint