I don’t often use glue guns. They are typically a little too powerful for the small tasks I usually deal with. Instead I, go with a cheap glue stick because I would rather save the big daddy glue gun for a more important project, but then it ends up collecting dust for very long periods of time. The expanded Dremel Glue Gun line helps solve that problem. Three new sizes of guns (20, 40 and 60 watts) allow the full Dremel line to be applicable in a much wider range of projects. The smallest gun in the line, the Dremel 1225 Glue Gun (20 watts), holds 7mm glue sticks. This one is just right for small tasks and only costs $15.99. The largest model (Dremel’s original) is 80 watts and costs $24.99. All the guns have several anti-burn features, such as built-in stands and anti-drip tips. Now that you can choose a size that fits your need, these Dremel glue guns seem like great purchases and very useful tools.