The Department of Energy recently released a few tips to help homeowners save on their energy bill this spring.

We’re passing along a handful of the tips, which you can ready in their entirety at the DOE website.

  • As we adjust to the rising temperatures, energy-savings starts with keeping a hand off the thermostat. There’s no need (yet) for the AC – just open the right windows and let mother nature cool that heated home.
  • When the mercury does start to get out of hand, use energy-efficient ceiling and portable fans. They can cool the air (perceptually) by 10 degrees. The longer you can refrain from cranking up the AC, the better that energy bill is going to look.
  • Shut off the lights! 90% of the energy used to light an incandescent bulb gets turned into heat. Let the natural light into the home throughout the day. Better yet, swap out those archaic bulbs for some CFL or LED lights — they run cooler AND save $$$. (Read more on switching out your light bulbs to keep up with the times.)
  • Want more advice on how to save money this spring and summer? Have a look at our gallery with 10 Ways to Cool Your Home.

    Credit: Department of Energy