This week my town started to pick up yard refuse again. (Bless them.) All winter big broken branches from last fall’s snowstorm and our winter windstorms have been cluttering up the yard. Add to that the usual spring cleanup stuff.

Barrels and big paper bags full of this junk have been hanging around, half hidden and messy. Just waiting for the huge, squeaky refuse truck with the small man hanging on the back, who throws the stuff into the truck. (Bless him too.)

Even though I compost all I can and try to give away what’s useful as firewood, there is still a lot that’s got to go.

In many self-pretentious towns people have to drag this heavy refuse, all by themselves, to the dump. On a lovely spring day like today, Belmont seems far more civilized.

Ruth S. Foster is a landscape consultant and arborist. More gardening information can be found on her website,