Discover Card wants to give you money back on your home improvement purchases.

During the months of April and May, Discover Cardmembers can sign up for the Cashback Bonus program to get as much as 5% back on purchases towards home improvement projects.

With the country still in the grips of a recession, the resurgence of small, DIY, home improvement projects by homeowners has not shown signs of slowing. Programs like Discover Card’s 5% Cashback Bonus are additional incentive for savings-minded homeowners to take on home improvement projects themselves, rather than paying extra for a contractor.

Cashback Bonus categories will change throughout the year, ranging from the current home and fashion category to travel, gas and groceries. In the home and fashion category, Discover Cardmembers who have signed up for the program can earn the 5% back on purchases up to $400. Purchases in excess of the $400 will earn up to 1% in the Cashback Bonus.

Existing Discover Cardmembers need to sign up for each program, and can do so by logging in to the Account Center.

Are you looking to take on some home improvement projects this Spring? Tell us about it.

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