Create intriguing “grass relief” sculpture on your lawn with this simple negative mowing trick.

I would not write so often about grass, except that so many people are interested in their lawns. Many have worked hard to get the grass just the way they want it, while others have had mowing up to the ears. But some people like their lawns, and like to mow them and like to enjoy them. This is a way to have some fun with your grass.

Art Works Made of Grass.

Consider making lawn sculptures out of carefully shaped designs of unmowed grass. Stake out an area in any shape you like. The outlines may be fishes, dogs, cats, snakes with wavy edges, abstract designs or what ever strikes your fancy. Mow all around these shapes, then don’t mow the inside area but allow it to grow tall. Eventually it will reach about 2 feet and wild flowers you didn’t know were there may sprout as well. Such lawn sculptures should be visible from above so the full effect can be appreciated. If you don’t like them, just mow them down, and draw something else on the lawn and grow a new sculpture.

Credit: Mother’s Garden