Where will I get the biggest bang for my buck? To save or to spend—that is the question. Let’s assume you have no credit card debt (because if you did that would be the best spot to put it). Second, you can live like the grasshopper and do what Bush wants you to do and buy American-made products or services. Or you can invest your money in a mutual fund or equity. Or, depending on the interest rate on your mortgage, it may be best just to sink the money there to lower your payments and pay off your loan early. However, it’s not easy to get that money back in an emergency. Or you can do what I recommend and simply save that money. There may be rainy days ahead in the near future. I am not saying to put that money under the mattress. Not only is it not secure there and probably not insured, you are losing money as inflation eats into its value. So, at a minimum, put it into a federally insured savings account. I just opened one myself. Prior to today, I was using the savings account at the bank where I do my checking. Little did I know how much more interest I could be getting. Money-Rates.com provides a listing of some of the best rates in the country updated every minute. Now I’m not losing money on my savings. Save or spend; the option is yours. Would you rather be the ant or the grasshopper?

Paying Down that Home Equity Loan