Fountains, babbling brooks and birds that sing are not the only sounds in the garden. More insidious ones come from the motors on the tools we use.

The loud noise generated by lawn mowers, power saws, leaf blowers and string trimmers have the potential to destroy our hearing. One day we may not be able to even hear the birds.

It’s well known that foresters often become deaf from constant exposure to power saws. What to do? Buy ear protectors and wear them. Not just the professionals, everyone in the backyard should, too.

Even simple ear protectors can reduce the noise decibel level by 1000%. That’s right 1000%.

While on the subject of safety, always look behind and all around you when using power equipment, especially where there are children. With the loud noise, and especially when you have on ear protection, you can’t see when a little one has sneaked up somewhere in back of you.

Accidents, as well as deafness, don’t just happen. They come from not being risk averse. Carelessness we used to call it.

Credit: Mother’s Garden