It’s going to be in the 70’s this weekend here in Vermont. Weather like that heralds Spring’s official arrival, which means it’s cleaning time.

Here’s a few around-the-house Spring cleaning chores you should consider tackling in the next few weeks:

1) Clean Your Grill. There’s a reason I put that one first, and it’s not just because I have to do it. Guests don’t want to see their burgers, chicken breasts or sausages cooking on filthy cooking grates. Take an hour and thoroughly clean that outdoor cooking machine.

2) Clean Your Air Ducts. This is a big one. Failure to properly–and regularly–clean your air ducts can result in the growth of molds and other harmful air pollutants. While your at it, clean out the dryer vent, too.

3) De-clutter. Sounds vague, I know, but we all have “stuff” that’s been sitting around for ages that we know we will never use. If you still have more stuff than space, install a wire closet storage system to better organize your things.

4) Wash off your outdoor surfaces. All it takes is the one-day rental of a pressure washer, and you can hit your siding, your deck, your patio and more. There’s something very satisfying about seeing all the grime just melt away. Make sure you know the proper way to handle a pressure washer.

5) Tune up the lawn mower. Here, the grass is not yet green or growing. But it will be soon enough. A properly cleaned and tuned lawn mower will make landscaping go just a little bit smoother this spring and summer. Learn how to clean and care for your lawnmower.

Got any specific Spring Cleaning plans? Tell us about it.