What’s the best way to combat air pollution? Install smog-eating roofing tiles.

SMOG-EATING Technology roof tiles–or SET Roof Tiles–do just that: eat smog. Well, not so much eat, but reduce, at any rate. Made by Boral Roofing (formerly MonierLifetile), the SET concrete Roof Tiles contain titanium dioxide–a photo catalytic agent–which breaks down polluting nitric oxide molecules in the air, improving overall air quality.

The smog-eating properties of the tiles are considered “long-lasting” and environmentally-friendly. I’d love to know an actual life-span on the emission-reducing agent. Surely it can’t perform this miracle indefinitely.

Also, while I can’t imagine one home’s worth of SET Roof-Tiles making a huge impact in a neighborhood or city, it is easy to think that an entire town’s worth can start to make a dent in smog levels. Is this an opportunity to incentivize?

Boral Roofing