Clever products abound, but some are cleverer than others. Take this space-saving, 3-in-1 Breakfast Maker, for example. Perfect for the short-on-square-footage home, this device combines a coffee maker, a toaster/broiler, and a frying pan, all in a 15.5-inch-wide design. This will fit ANY kitchen—and I mean ANY. Selling at a reasonable $40, the Breakfast Maker features a 6-cup coffee maker with a warmer and a permanent filter. The dual-element toaster oven—with chrome rack and baking tray—can be set to activate the upper or lower heating elements, or both. Activating the upper element initiates the broiler mode and also heats the frying pan. With the Breakfast Maker, you can’t complain about your small kitchen— especially when your mouth is full of eggs, toast, and coffee!

Credit: Uncrate

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