Although not a new product, advances in track technology have made the inclusion of sliding and pocket doors a reality for bigger application. Shown here is a sliding door scenario featuring Johnson Hardware’s Multi-pass Hardware, capable of multiple 300-plus pound wall panels. It’s a great way to allow for both the open, flowing design and privacy options with ease of operation.

Anyone who has every operated a sliding or pocket door knows that the track hardware makes or breaks the application. I’ve dealt with too many sliding doors and folding doors that had cheap, flimsy track hardware that failed after a short amount of time. The frustration that comes from a sticking door or one that falls off the track is unique–it’s not quite like dealing with backed-up plumbing but it’s certainly worse than a squeaking door or floor.

So if you’ve shied away from this kind of solution in your home because you didn’t trust the hardware, it might be time to reconsider. The technology just might have caught up.

Johnson Hardware