It’s nice to see some companies taking a stance against the single cup (AKA K-Cup) brewing craze that is sweeping the nation. I lived in a house with a single cup brewing machine for two years, and never have I felt more wasteful.

Jura is hoping to tap into that guilt with their new IMPRESSA C5, a higher end single serve brewer system that does away with the disposable plastic cup. Rather, the Jura uses fresh whole coffee beans and grinds, tamps, brews and discards the used coffee grounds within the machine, all in about 60 seconds per cup.

No plastic. No guilt.

And if that doesn’t do it for you, Jura was kind enough to do some math on our behalf, finding that use of a single cup pod or capsule system costs about $.52 per cup, which adds up to $760 a year for those who do two cups a day. Using the Jura system would set the same drinker back $.19 per cup or $138.70. Just think of what you might do with that $600 saved! Oh, but wait. The C5 sells (on Amazon) for about $900. So you’d have to use it for a year and a half before you realized true savings over a k cup brewing machine.

Still, coffee just tastes better without the guilt. Or the plastic aftertaste.

Jura Website