Stairs have always challenged us humans. As infants, it was climbing them. As adults, it is building them. Even experienced DIYers hire out the stair-building of a renovation or addition, and for good reason. Stairs are scary.

For the stubborn DIYer who insists on hammering every nail, there is the option of the stair-building kit like the StairSimple Axxys. I came across an announcement that the Axxys system will be available at a few home improvement retail stores in the Northwest states (Washington, Colorado, Utah). The Axxys is sold as a do-it-yourself interior stair rail kit from BW Creative Wood Industries. With pivoting connectors and pre-measured and pre-drilled holes, the Axxys system takes a significant amount of the mystery out of stair building.

The final result is nothing to turn an upward nose to, either. Check out the photo gallery on their website to see just how diverse the application can be.

Would you use the StairSimple Axxys in your home?